Exalted Quick Reference Cheat Sheet

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Additionally: Exalted Martial Arts Table

General Formulas:
Natural Soak: [Stamina]/2 in Lethal (Round down), [Stamina] in Bashing.
Dodge Defense Value (DV): (Dexterity + Dodge + Specialty + Essence)/2.
Parry Defense Value (DV): (Dexterity + Combat Ability + Specialty + Weapon Defense)/2.
Mental Dodge Defense Value (MDV): (Willpower + Integrity + Specialty + Essence)/2 (Round down).
Mental Parry Defense Value (MDV): (Charisma or Manipulation + Social Ability + Specialty)/2.

Movement: (Dexterity) yards on land. Climbing/Swimming is (Dexterity)/2 (Round down). Speed 0, DV -0 Reflexive action, used automatically during an Action. Effected by Mobility.
Dashing: (Dexterity + 6) yards on land. Climbing/Swimming is (Dexterity). Speed 3, DV -2 Action, once per Action/Flurry. Effected by Mobility, voids Parry DV without a stunt or Charm.
Jumping: (Strength + Athletics) yards vertical, x2 horizontal. Speed 5, DV -1 Miscellaneous action, once per Flurry. May combine with Move. Effected by Mobility.

Join Battle/Debate: Wits + Awareness.
Join War: Wits + War

Order of Combat Steps:
Step 1: Attack type described, attack Charms/Combos are listed.
Step 2: Defense type described, defense Charms/Combos are listed.
Step 3: Attack is rolled, apply Attack Charms.
Step 4: Attack reroll (if any). < 3rd Excellency goes here.
Step 5: Subtract Defense penalties, apply Defense Charms.
Step 6: Defense reroll (if any). < 3rd Excellency goes here.
Step 7: Add up raw Weapon Damage (Strength + Weapon Damage + Extra Successes + Charm bonuses)
Step 8: If raw damage is greater than Hardness, Soak is subtracted from it. Piercing halves Armor Soak (Round down). Roll total damage remaining or Essence, whichever is higher.
Step 9: Counterattacks are used.
Step 10: Apply damage/effect/Charm-based result.

Essence Pools
Type Personal Peripheral
Solar/Abyssal/InfernalEssence x3 + Willpower. Essence x7 + Willpower + Sum of All Virtues.
LunarEssence + Willpower x2. Essence x4 + Willpower x2 + Highest Virtue x4.
SiderealEssence x2 + Willpower. Essence x6 + Willpower + Sum of All Virtues.
AlchemicalEssence x3 + Willpower. Essence x5 + Willpower x3 + Highest Virtue x2.
DragonbloodedEssence + Willpower + Breeding. Essence x4 + Willpower + Sum of Two Highest Virtues + Breeding.
SpiritEssence x10 + Willpower x5. None.
GhostEssence x10 + Willpower x3 + Sum of all Virtues x2. None.
Dragon KingEssence x4 + Willpower x2 + Conviction + Valor. None.
Mountain Folk
Fair Folk
Empowered Mortal
Essence x10. None.

Healing Times
Type Mortal Time Exalted Time
Bashing (All)12 hours rest per Level. 3 hours rest per Level.
-0 Lethal1 day of rest per Level. 6 hours rest per Level.
-1 Lethal7 days of rest per Level. 2 days rest per Level.
-2 Lethal14 days of rest per Level.* 4 days rest per Level.
-4 Lethal or Incapacitated28 days of rest per Level.* 7 days rest per Level.
Aggravated works as Lethal but can't be healed by magic or Charms. Double all times if target continues to work, fight or otherwise not stop and tend to themselves.
*Bed rest is Required. Movement halts Healing Time entirely.

Health Levels, Death and Dying Levels:
All human or Exalted characters start with an initial -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated ("Standard 7") Health track before Charms, and have a number of Dying Levels beyond Incapacitated equal to (Stamina). Any damage that spills into Dying Levels counts as Lethal, and immediately triggers Inactive status. For every 5 ticks of Inactive, the character takes another 1L until stabilized or death.

Stabilizing a Dying character: Wits + Medicine, with a Difficulty equal to (5 + Number of Dying Levels filled). Success brings the character back up to Incapacitated. Failure is obvious.

Condensed Poison Damage Rules:
When struck by Poison, roll Stamina + Resistance with a Difficulty equal to the poison Toxicity at each Damage interval. Should the roll fail, the character takes the Damage and comes under the listed Penalty. Those without a listed interval are assumed to operate on one unsoakable damage die rolled per tick until it has amassed it's Damage in dice rolled. If the Resistance roll is successful, the character still takes the Damage and halves the Penalty, but the Damage is reduced by one level of severity (Aggravated to Lethal, Lethal to Bashing, Bashing to no damage). Twice the number of required successes reduces it by two levels. Once the maximum damage has been expended, the penalty fades.

Another application of the same poison restores it to full potency from that tick onward, and stacks the combined Penalties of all doses. This reduces as-normal as doses fill up their total Damage and fade away.

L tag - Means it deals Levels of damage rather than rolled dice.
M tag - Effects Exalted as equally as mortals, otherwise mortals add 2 to the Toxicity.

Poison lacking a Tolerance means it is instantly effective. Others require that many doses to be life-threatening.

Dice Caps (Round up for Defense Value.)
Type Maximum
Solar/Abyssal/InfernalAttribute + Ability.
DragonbloodedAbility + Specialty.
Dragon KingPath Rating + As Listed OR Ability
Fair Folk
Empowered Mortal
Attribute + Ability.

Combo Rules:
All Charms used in a Combo must be Combo-OK or Combo-Basic. Combo-Basic may only be Comboed with Reflexive Charms.

Simple/Extra Action: Only one of each may be used in a given Combo. If a Simple and Extra Action are in the same Combo, the Simple must be used on every Extra Action granted.
Supplemental: Must be applied to every action they qualify for, including those granted by Extra Action Charms.
Reflexive: Any number may be included and need not all be applied, but those being activated must be announced even if they go unused (such as defensive Charms).

Basic Combo: Cascade of Cutting Terror (Supplemental, 5m) + Reflex Sidestep (Reflexive, 1m) + Seven Shadow Evasion (Reflexive, 3m).
Total Price: 1w + 5m per enhanced attack + 3m per Perfect Dodge (Optional) + 1m per Unexpected attack (Optional).

Advanced Combo: Iron Whirlwind (Extra Action, 5m 1w) + Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement (Supplemental, 2m) + Heavenly Guardian Defense (Reflexive, 4m) + Surprise Anticipation Method (Reflexive, 1m).
Total Price: 5m 2w + 2m per Holy attack + 4m per Perfect Parry (Optional) + 1m per Unexpected attack (Optional).

Condensed Pricing Table
General Costs:
Trait Bonus Point Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored) Experience Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored)
Attribute4bp, 3bp. Rating x4xp, Rating x3xp.
Ability2bp, 1bp. Rating x2xp, (Rating x2) -1xp (First dot: 3xp).
Backgrounds 1-31bp. None.
Backgrounds 4-52bp. None.
Specialty2bp, 1bp per 2. 3xp.
Virtue3bp. Rating x3xp.
Willpower2bp. Rating x2xp.

Exalted Costs:
Trait Bonus Point Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored) Experience Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored)
Charm/Spell (Solar/Abyssal)5bp, 4bp. 10xp, 8xp.
Charm/Spell (Lunar/Sidereal/Dragonblooded)7bp, 5bp. 12xp, 10xp.
Charm (Alchemical)6bp, 5bp. 6xp.
Charm (Infernal)5bp, 4bp. 10xp, 8xp.
Non-Type Charm (Eclipse/Moonshadow/Fiend-only)???bp. 16xp.
Charm ComboBonus points equal to # of Charms. Experience equal to combined Ability Minimums.
Essence (Solar/Abyssal/Infernal)7bp. Rating x8xp.
Essence (Lunar/Sidereal/Alchemical)10bp. Rating x9xp.
Essence (Dragonblooded)10bp. Rating x10xp.
Knack (Lunar Only)6bp. 11xp.
Astrological College (Sidereal Only)7bp, 5bp. Rating x3xp (First dot: 5xp).
Charm Slot (Alchemical Only)None. 12xp, 10xp.
Charm Slot Upgrade (Alchemical Only)None. 2xp.
Martial Arts Charm (Alchemical Only)6bp. 11xp.
Celestial Martial Arts Charm (Dragonblooded Only)10bp, 7bp. 15xp, 12xp.
Sidereal Martial Arts Charm (Sidereal)8bp, 6bp. 12xp, 10xp.
Sidereal Martial Arts Charm (Other)???bp. 15xp, 12xp.
Man-Machine Protocol (Alchemical Only)None. 12xp.
God-Machine Protocol (Alchemical Only)None. 14xp.
Sorcery Spell (Infernal Only)None. 9xp.

NonExalted Costs:
Trait Bonus Point Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored) Experience Cost (Normal, Caste/Favored)
Charm (Mountain Folk)7bp, 5bp. 12xp, 10xp.
Charm (Fair Folk)7bp. 6xp.
Charm/Spell (Empowered Mortal)???bp. 15xp, 12xp.
Essence (Mountain Folk)10bp. Rating x10xp.
Essence (Fair Folk)10bp. Rating x8xp.
Essence (Dragon King)8bp. Rating x8xp.
Essence (Empowered Mortal)8bp. Rating x20xp.
Craft Ability (Mountain Folk Only)2bp, 1bp. Rating xp (First dot: 2xp).
Craft Specialty (Mountain Folk Only)2bp, 1bp per 2. (5 total, no more than 3 per) 2xp.
Ability (Fair Folk Only)2bp, 1bp. Rating x3xp, Rating x2xp (First dot: 3xp).
Specialty (Fair Folk Only)1bp. (1bp per 3 for Commoner) 5xp. (2xp for Commoner)
Major Grace (Fair Folk Only)3bp. (2bp for Commoner) Rating x3xp.
Minor Grace (Fair Folk Only)5bp. Rating x6xp.
Heart Grace (Fair Folk Only)None. 20xp to Heart 4. (Only available at +200xp)
Path (Dragon King Only)5bp, 4bp. (10bp, 8bp if Rating 4-5) Rating x5xp, Rating x4xp (First dot: 7xp, 6xp).
Sorcery/Spell (Dragon King Only)7bp. 12xp.